In the United States called absolute weapon of Putin

Mobile missile complexes are “absolute” weapon of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, writes in the American journal The National Interest columnist for Caleb Carson.

“These vehicles have an advantage in mobility compared with silo-based missiles, although they are clearly not as protected as their counterparts silo-based,” says the author.

The Explorer notes these Russian complexes “Point”, “Iskander” and P-800 “Onyx”. “Mobile launchers, especially in Kaliningrad, can be used to overlap access to the Baltic sea in the event of a conflict in Europe,” the author writes.

In April, the Explorer TASS Dmitry Litovkin wrote that the delay by the United States renewal of the Russian-American Treaty on measures for the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (start-III) may be due to the ongoing U.S. work to establish the “absolute weapon”.