In the United States all medical services this year is so busy fighting the epidemic coronavirus that they do not have possibilities to track the spread of a mosquito-borne infectious diseases such as West Nile fever. The outbreak of coronavirus have been superimposed on the longstanding systemic crisis in American health care, which further exacerbates the situation.

this is stated in a joint study conducted by Kaiser health news (KHN) and The Associated Press. It is noted that in normal years, for example, departments of health, laying traps for mosquitoes – barrels of stagnant water and a special grid. Now, however, all employees engaged in the struggle with the coronavirus, so they have no time to do anything for the placement of traps, no mosquitoes to test for infection.

In this regard, there is concern that mortality from diseases carried by mosquitoes (primarily from various hemorrhagic fevers) this year will be higher than in previous years, when such diseases in the United States died every year on average 200 people.

Reaching the last decades of reduced funding and cuts in States in local and U.S. Federal health agencies led to a shortage of specialists and the decline of nearly 20 per cent of expenditure per capita.