The Maltese government seized a shipment of Libyan currency in the amount of $ 1.1 billion. This was reported on the website of the US state Department. American officials argue that the dinars were printed by “Goznak” – the Russian state enterprise.

“the United States welcomes the announcement by the government of Malta and the seizure of counterfeit Libyan currency in the amount of 1.1 billion U.S. dollars printed by the joint-stock company “Goznak” – the Russian state company and ordered the illegitimate parallel organization,” according to the website of the state Department.

In the United States believe that the Central Bank of Libya, with headquarters in Tripoli is the only legitimate in the country.

“the Inflow of counterfeit of the Libyan currency printed in Russia in recent years has exacerbated the economic problems of Libya. This incident once again underlines the necessity of ending Russia’s harmful and destabilizing actions in Libya,” – said in the state Department.

Russia officially prints the currency for other countries to order their Central banks. Libya banknotes are produced in 2016. Ordered the government in Tobruk, but the national consensus government (NTC), sitting in Tripoli, did not declare the money outside the law.

After the intervention of the US and NATO in Libya did not stop the civil war. Now in the country the diarchy. One government (NTC) in session in Tripoli, and another (field Marshal Haftarot) in Tobruk.

In the United States believe that Russia is supporting the Libyan national army, field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, a foreign media wrote that Russia has deployed su-24 bombers to Libya. However, there is the problem of their placement.