Agriculture Glebov in the village smorodino Sengileevsky district received a grant for the development of family farms in the amount of seven million rubles.

These funds went for the purchase of 250 sheep breed Texel, Romanov, and 103 three ostrinskoe breed. Farm hall was equipped with automatic milking on the 12 stations and the station for feeding lambs. Reconstructed farmhouse, equipped paddocks with automatic water troughs and water heating, paved a new water supply. Built a separate room for lambs, the outdoor area of the paddock with sheds and feeders, reconstructed administrative building. The company has created new jobs in the village with an average salary of about 25 thousand rubles. In Ulyanovsk the farm cook aged natural cheeses from farm milk using Italian ingredients.

– today, farming is a dynamic sector that quickly adapts to new economic realities. This is evidenced by the production figures of the industry. We will therefore continue to Fund programs to support novice farmers and family livestock farms, – said the head of the region Sergey Morozov during a visit to KFKH Glebov.

sheep farming for milk production – a new direction in Ulyanovsk farming.

– we Have big plans for the next two years. This year we plan to fully reconstruct a second farm and to build more playgrounds for walking Pets, a new warehouse for the storage of hay and straw. Initially we took the farm 80 years and restored it, says Ella Glebova. – With regard to the implementation of the cheeses we sell them not only in Ulyanovsk, but also in Krasnodar. The samples were sent to the trading network in Moscow. Now, we produce several variants of goat cheese – semi-hard and two more are preparing to produce “Roquefort” for Moscow restaurants.

According to Deputy Chairman of Government – Minister of agriculture and rural development of the Ulyanovsk region Mikhail Semenkina, this is a promising direction of livestock, which enjoys support in the framework of the national project “Small and medium entrepreneurship and support of individual business initiative”.

– Ulyanovsk oblast is actively involved in all programs of support of development of small forms of enterprises in rural areas, which are implemented at the Federal level. In addition, at the regional level on the initiative of the Governor adopted a number of special programmes, in particular the law on cooperatives, through which the citizens, leading private farms, there are new opportunities for the development of agrobusiness, – said Mikhail Semenkin.

In the past year to support small businesses in the Ulyanovsk region was of suchplanned about 230 million rubles. One of the programs which is being successfully implemented since 2004, is a program of development of family livestock farms. In her last year grants in the amount of 33 million rubles were given to six farmers, which attracted an additional 20 million of its own funds.

KFKH Glebov is also engaged in feed hydroponic grow method, by germination of cereals or of leguminous crops, which saves farmers from dependence on growing and harvesting in the fields, allows efficient and beneficial use of vacant land.

Green hydroponic fodder are a natural organic food, rich legkoplavkim nutrients and vitamins. You have green poop there are lots of benefits of this diet the animals get sick less, improving the quality of milk. But for us it is especially important, because the efficiency of the economy is growing at about 25 percent, – said the head of KFKH Sergey Glebov.

In 2019 Sergey Glebov became the winner of the program “Agrostroma”, which successfully operates in the region within the framework of the national project “Small and medium entrepreneurship and support of individual business initiative”. This project became operational in 2019, during this time, 22 people have already received grants to develop small businesses.

In 2020 the financial support from the regional budget will be increased. The size of the grant will amount to five million rubles for meat or dairy, up to six million rubles with the formation of indivisible Fund of the cooperative. For other types of agricultural activities grants will be respectively three and four million rubles.