In the Odessa region found 9.6 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate. This is stated in the message of the Ukrainian sea port “Pivdennyi” in Facebook.

“After the tragic bombing in Beirut, the media suggested that about ten tons of nitrate of ammonia stored on one of the docks of the port of the southern region”, — stated in the post. The port authority has denied the information about the dangerous storage of goods. According to them, there keeping nitrate Packed in soft containers with observance of all technological requirements and poses no danger.

Transshipment of such goods is in accordance with the global international Maritime regulations on the transport of dangerous goods, added in the administration. “The danger is the handling of ammonium nitrate in bulk. However, this method of transshipment in the port "Pivdenny" has never been used”, — concluded the representatives of the port.

The explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut on 4 August occurred due to storage in a warehouse in the seaport capital of 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate. Explosives seized from a ship under the flag of one of the African countries because of the large debt of its owner in 2014. According to recent reports, the explosion killed at least 154 people and injured over five thousand. Dozens are reported missing.