In the Ukrainian history textbook crept back with Keanu Reeves

In the Ukrainian textbooks on world history for students in grade 10 Internet users found fotozhabu with Keanu Reeves.

Famous canadian actor on it with photoshop “joined” to the American workers on pictures 1932 “Lunch on a skyscraper”.

the Original photo was taken by an unknown photographer. It depicts 11 workers who built one of the tall buildings “Rockefeller center” in new York.

They sit on a beam 69 floors – at a height of more than 200 meters. Someone reads the newspaper, someone at a dinner.

In the original on the extreme right is a man in a dark cap and work apron, and in the Ukrainian history textbook next to him, the twelfth was Reeves, who, apparently, eats a sandwich.

the Reeves still can be seen in the online version of the textbook is on the 58th page.