To reserve the Damn woods in the English County of Kent inhabit a herd of four bison who will be playing in the forest role of ecosystem engineers. According to Guardian, the local wildlife trust will provide for the implementation of the project one million pounds sterling.

the Wild cattle are very rare in Europe, but once there were many, and their weight is sometimes reached at least 900 pounds. Now bison are often found in the Bialowieza forest on the border of Poland and Belarus. There are also small populations in some regions of Russia and European countries.

In the UK they probably never lived, but six thousand years ago there lived a possible ancestor of the steppe bison. The wildlife Fund Kent County believe that bison may be its ecological counterpart.

Animals will eat young woody shoots and bark of trees, thereby creating in the forest clearing that will provide more diverse habitat for plants, insects and birds, especially endangered UK species – the Western common nightingales and turtledoves.

Wild bulls, will start in the sanctuary in the spring of 2020 on a fenced area of 150 hectares, then the environment will increase to 500 hectares. It will be one male and three females, which will be brought from Poland or the Netherlands.

Environmentalists hope that in the year the herd will be added to three of the calf. Gradually, the young animals will be sent to other areas of the country.