In the UK Flamingo violated the home mode

the Mode isolation in the UK broke the flamingos. The bird was spotted on the streets of Dudley. The escape was caught on video by local residents. To place promptly arrived, the zoo staff.

“One of our Flamingo did not adhere to recommendations to stay home and decided to make a daily walk through the castle hill!” – with reference to the employees of the zoo RIA Novosti reported.

Far away the bird failed. The zoo workers who were at the site for a few minutes, returned safely Flamingo back in his cage, where the bird is now again shumoizolyatsiya.

One of our flamingos didn’t stick to the Stay Safe, Stay Home message and decided to take her daily exercise via Castle Hill!
Our keepers were on the scene within minutes and safely returned the flamingo back to their enclosure where she is now once again self-isolating!