the Museum of British writer Charles Dickens in the city of Broadstairs, Kent was desecrated by vandals who wrote in black marker on the white wall of the house “Dickens – racist” and blacked out the street name Dickens. This is reported by British media.

the House in Broadstairs served as the prototype for the house Betsy Trotwood from the novel “David Copperfield” (the novel was also written in Broadstairs, popular in the 19th century, the Londoners seaside resort).

Police are investigating the incident.

Local residents are shocked and do not understand why suddenly Dickens, who in all his works he defended the oppressed and marginalized, has become a “racist”.

meanwhile, supporters of the movement BlackLivesMatter indicate that Dickens, a positive attitude towards the British Empire and disapproved of her colonial policy.

Earlier, protesters in Britain, smeared black paint over a monument to Winston Churchill in Central London. In Bristol was demolished and threw into the sea the statue of the parliamentarian and a slave of the 17th century Edward Colston.

the UK Authorities called desecration of monuments “shameful deeds”.