In the British city of Bristol on the site of the destroyed during anti-racist protests of the monument, a monument of the movement “Black life is important” (JV). According to the newspaper The Guardian, is thrown from the pedestal of the sculpture of the 17th century a slaveholder in his place suddenly appeared a statue of a protester activist.

barely a few weeks after the destruction in the Bristol monument to the British slave trader and the owner of the Royal African Company Edward Kolano, as his place was taken by a new monument. It was installed overnight and without prior notice to the city authorities.

For them, the appearance of the sculpture to anyone previously unknown activists of the movement “Black life is important” named Jane reed who had taken a most active part in the overthrow of the bronze Coulson and reset the statue in the water was a complete surprise. And now in the city hall are scratching their heads over how to deal with new and illegally installed as a “work of art”. It is known that it was carved English sculptor named Marc Quinn, depicting protesting with his fist.

Police and local authorities did not stop the night, and the quick installation of the statue of the steel reed, symbolizing, according to the authors of the composition, the struggle against racial injustice in the West. To do it now would be very difficult, because any attempt to dismantle illegally installed in the city centre, the statue will be seen by activists JV as politically incorrect prejudice to the rights of blacks and their sympathizers. The views of other citizens seem to have little concern. And the statements of the mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rice that he can’t condone criminal activity, but at the same time sees them as “a historic model of poetry”, only confirms the unwillingness of the authorities to intervene in tyranny.

Observers say that if unauthorized unauthorized installation of the statue to the protesters in the center of one of the largest British cities can get away with the organizer of such a performance, then similar actions of “street artists” can soon be expected in London on the site of the demolished monuments to those who are now considered racists and slavers. In the capital of the United Kingdom different places for this abound, starting with Trafalgar square. Apparently understanding, which can lead to uncontrolled “stathead” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already indicated a cautious statement that the demolition of the statues is “lies about our history.” About any reaction from Johnson on the recent events in Bristol have not yet been reported.