Russia creates a new “sea monster” – the ekranoplan “the Seagull” A-050, writes the American edition of We Are the Mighty. It is noted that the USSR attached great importance to the wig for their versatile combination of features of airplanes and ships.

In its submission, the authors refer to communication on the development of ekranoplan A-050 published by the Russian Embassy in South Africa on Twitter about three years ago.

the publication said that A-050 will be the development of the experimental “Caspian sea monster”, which formed the basis of the Soviet ekranoplan missile “LUN”.

a new generation Device will be able to take on Board hundreds of military or 9 tons of cargo. With engines A-050 can move at speeds up to 450 km/h on water ice surfaces and flat steppe.

According We Are The Mighty, the ekranoplan be equipped with supersonic missiles like the Indo-Russian PJ-10 BrahMos. It is assumed that the ship on a dynamic air cushion will be put into operation in 2020.

In September 2018, the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov said that Russia in the framework of the state armaments programme is developing a promising ekranoplan with missile weapons on Board. The Minister did not elaborate on what the missiles in question.