on Friday, June 26, the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress will vote on the status of the capital of the country. Now the Washington administrative point of view, is the Federal district of Columbia, not included in any of the States. It is proposed to make the 51st state.

Thus, the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi promised to correct the injustice which, in its opinion, is opposed to democracy, RIA Novosti reported, citing the Fox News channel. Congressional Democrats are convinced that Washington residents fulfill their responsibilities and should have the opportunity to elect their representatives in the Federal Congress.

Earlier, President Donald trump called the Washington is completely owned by the Democrats, and noted that only the very stupid Republicans will vote for a change of its status. It is anticipated that the bill will be approved in the lower house, where Democrats have a majority, and rejected in the Senate, which is under the control of the Republican party.