In the traffic police told about the movements between regions during the period of isolation

it is Noted that recently in the traffic police unit receives a large number of issues related to transit traffic through the regions in a complex of sanitary and epidemiological situation. Citizens interested in whether they will be able to travel from one region to another by car or now it is impossible.

Universal answer to this question was not. “In most regions for the passage of transit transport currently, there are no restrictions. All restrictions are imposed by the decision of the regional authorities, it must be borne in mind that the entry can be restricted not only at the level of the subject, but also at the level of individual cities and human settlements”, – says Gosavtoinspektsii.

So before you go you need to carefully examine all information on the official websites of the authorities of the regions through which the route will pass. Usually, there are published directions or detour for through traffic.

you Must only use operational information, as the situation in a particular region, town, settlement can vary daily depending on the complications or improve the epidemiological situation.

it is Important to have all the necessary documents (apart from passport and vehicle documents, but, for example, the certificate of temporary registration in other city, employment contract, etc. – depending on the situation). If possible, you need to take a certificate stating that the person is not infected and is not a carrier of the virus, recommends to the Agency.

traffic police drew attention to the fact that all travel should be undertaken only when absolutely necessary. If you have the opportunity to avoid them, better to stay home and observe a mode of self-isolation.

the traffic police Also reminded to plan your vehicle registration, exams or changing driving licences must be based on the situation prevailing in the region of residence, precluding the violation of the regime of restrictive measures. Now it is possible to defer these issues.

for Example, a driving licence, the validity of which has expired or will expire in the period from 1 February to 15 July 2020, valid in Russia until their replacement in the manner to be determined by departmental normative legal act.

However, in every case of public services will be provided in the prescribed manner by appointment through the Unified portal of public and municipal services.