After emerging in recent weeks of decline coronavirus statistics in the United States in three States – Arizona, Texas and Florida physicians noted a sharp jump in the number of infections.

In Arizona, there were 3 246 new cases COVID-19, although the day before was only 2519. In Texas 3516 (from 3129), and in Florida 3822 (was 3207).

on Thursday evening, Texas said about 3 thousand 516 patients with confirmed coronavirus. On Wednesday it was reported about 3 thousand 129 cases.

These three States, according to a former head of the Department of sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and drug administration Scott Gottlieb, “are on the verge of out of control.”

“I think that these States still have a week or two to make arrangements to take under control”, – “Interfax” his words.

Power States claim that the situation is under control, and growth statistics account for the more extensive testing population.