At the beginning of the school year in the educational complex “tehnograd” at ENEA opened a branch of the children’s techno-Park “Moscow”. This was announced by the Deputy Mayor.

In the child branch of Technopark “Moscow,” high school students will learn the basic terms and concepts associated with nanotechnology and nanomaterials, and will also examine the key methods for the synthesis of various nanostructures. The list of topics for project work generated on the basis of the actual directions of development of nanotechnology. Among them the synthesis of quantum dots based on zinc selenide, nanoparticles of silver, gold and titanium dioxide, creating magnetic nanoparticles and quantum dots of graphene. The thus obtained elements and materials have increased durability and wear resistance and can be used to create coatings and components in aircraft and mechanical engineering and other industries.

Classes lasting four hours will be Saturdays in the laboratories of chemical analysis and nanotechnology. Students will be divided into two groups of 14 people. It is planned that the course will start on 5 September. The training will be free.

to Obtain detailed information, and you can place your order by phone: +7 (985) 769-33-56.

Children’s technology Park “Moscow” was opened at the end of September 2016. Its core educational areas include robotics, aviation, industrial design, nanotechnology and energy. Annually training there are more than three thousand students. Over two thousand children visited Technopark in the framework of the study activities.