In the summer, residents will no longer pay for replacement of electricity meters

the mass replacement of electricity meters ready energy, from 1 July this year, and the residents will pay for the installation of these meters. And while guaranteed suppliers and grid companies to reduce future costs, actively campaigning to change the old “apartment” counters on their own.

When to change

From July 2020, according to the law on electricity costs for the purchase and installation of meters the electricity will pass from the citizens for energy. To change the devices will not simultaneously, and as necessary – if the meter is out of order, has expired term of its operation or calibration or it is simply absent. In this case the resident can learn about replacing a device after the fact – if the counter is free to access, for example, in a stairwell, then to disturb him notices about the need to install new meters of energy, apparently, will not even. Thus, according to the Association of guaranteeing suppliers and energy sales companies, it would be better to change the electricity meters in all apartments of high-rise buildings at once – the company could save money on the services of electricians.

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Subsequently, after 16 years, it will be enough to practice “smart” meter (this will also fall on the shoulders of energy), and not to change it. With 2022 energy will be required to install only “intellectual” system, and new buildings will be equipped with them already in 2021. In 2023 it is expected to introduce penalties for suppliers and network organizations, if they installed old meter or has not provided resident access to its “smart” functions. As specified in the Association of suppliers, the violation will be considered if the company has not changed an outdated or faulty midrangeetcic. And if the term of verification or service life has not expired – do not penalize for that.

What the meter is deemed “smart”

As reported by “RG” in Rosstandart, smart meters must be able to submit data on the volumes of electricity consumption and its quality, the amount of losses on the part of the network from the measuring point to the point of delivery, as well as to “protect” the data. Consumers should be provided with free access to information via the Internet. However, the final minimal feature set of the meter has not yet been determined.

the functionality of the metering devices can be very broad, right down to managing them using appliances, said the Chairman of the Association Natalia Nevmerzhitskaya. But such options are quite expensive. Requirements throughout set the counters should not be excessive, in her opinion, to the suppliers are not carrying any extra costs. For example, in private homes it makes sense to install meters that consider electricity in both directions in case the owner of the house, for example, buy solar panels and will microgenerating. For apartment buildings this function the counters will be clearly unnecessary. But while it is proposed to establish uniform requirements for appliances and buildings, and in the private sector.

the New meter installed, if the former is broken or outdated

“And even though manufacturers say that the cost of these counters is 30 rubles, we see that the market they are sold with a price difference of up to 2 thousand rubles,” says Nevmerzhytskiy.

issue Price

the cost of the meter, which completely conforms to the requirements of the law, – 5-6 thousand rubles. Plus the cost of its installation – an average of 3 thousand. Where the company will take the money while also not resolved. The act specifies that these costs should be included in the state regulation of tariffs. But the growth of tariffs is limited by limiting indexes of change of the payment of citizens for utilities. The company also can put countersKi at the expense of savings. The problem is that savings from the installation of meters at guaranteeing suppliers “responsible” for high-rises, virtually no. To save money, they can only lay off people who walk from house to house and manually read the meter. But these costs – about 30 rubles to the apartment per year.

How to pay

“Smart meters” will change the order of communication of residents with utilities. Finally go to the past self to a deposition and handwritten receipts. Counter intelligence, he will inform the company how much electricity is used, and that will send the resident a receipt with the amounts to be paid.

In Russia, expect the alignment of tariffs for electricity

For residents automatic transmission – only benefit, the Executive Director of NP “ZHKH Control” Svetlana Razvorotneva. Through the Internet, in your account, you can track the history of the transmission of the testimony can be reconciled with the actual data on the meter to see the calculations, and allocations.

If the owner will be the debtor, he remotely shut off the light. Will include after repayment of debt is also virtual, without seeing an electrician. But the procedure for the restriction of electricity remains the same. “First will come the warning about the debt – 20 days after the settlement day. If you have not paid after 10 days you have the right to disable. In fact, the consumer has at least a month to deal with the debt,” explains Razvorotneva.

all the way

compared with other communal resources in the power sector with a high level of equipment counters – they have 95% of consumers. The remaining 5% typically don’t set them consciously.

Photo: AP the Ministry of construction has proposed to introduce a new order of collecting of debts for housing and communal services

Tosomeone living in an apartment a large family, saving, paying at the rate of only one registered. Someone opened the apartment mining farm and almost free earn bitcoins. Someone doesn’t pay on principle. “We will invite them to install the meter. In fact, for these people are now paying neighbors home counters unaccounted for electricity falls into the “obschedomovye needs” and distributed to all residents of the house,” says Nevmerzhytskiy.

“the Opacity of charges in housing raises many questions. Even in homes with conventional counters it is impossible to achieve a perfect calculation. First, it is caused by the difference in time of delivery of readings – some do it monthly, and some once a year. Then, different counters, different accuracy class and this also causes the error,” notes Razvorotneva. The system of “smart” metering devices addresses these issues and door-to-door, and house readings are taken simultaneously and accurately. Smart meters are being introduced in Moscow, Yaroslavl. The results have been spectacular. Complaints we have not received,” – said the expert.