In the suburbs spring from the truck flew into the windshield of

Sluggish traffic, cars move at a snail’s pace, “oncoming traffic” separated by a barrier, it would seem, what could go not so? Shocking video recorded on DVR “Solaris”, proves that the danger can come from anywhere — even fall from the sky.

Spring from moving on the “oncoming” truck flew into the windshield of the car Hyundai Solaris, which was moving in the left lane of the Minsk highway towards Moscow. Judging by the video, a chilling incident occurred in the area of SKOLKOVO.

Heavy metal plate easily flashed “frontal”, narrowly missing the driver. Fortunately, a piece of spring stuck in the windshield, damaging only the front of the car. A couple of inches to the right or to the left — and the outcome for the car owner could be completely different.

What kind of truck was moving in the oncoming lane, and why it spilled suspension parts, remains a mystery. One thing is clear — the owner of “Solaris” clearly will be celebrating her second birthday.

Text: Avtovesti