Stavropol may become another region of Russia, where at the local level on 31 December will make a non-working day. The Governor of the region Vladimir Vladimirov has launched an online poll on his page on Instagram, to understand how the region’s residents belong to this initiative.

“today we reflect on the New Year. How we meet this family winter holiday, the preparation of which, a pleasant household chores, often not enough time. We now have the opportunity to make 31 December weekends. But, I think, will be correct again to make that decision: do you support this initiative?” asked Vladimirov to their subscribers.

at the time of writing the news of 95 percent in online voting were in favour of the transfer last holiday weekend in January to 31 December. In 2019 in the Stavropol territory took a similar decision and last day of the year also made inoperative.

As reported earlier, on December 31 have already done a day in the Belgorod region. The corresponding order was signed by the acting head of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov.