In the state Duma told about the reaction of Novak on the measure to reduce gasoline prices

According to Sergei Mironov, Novak himself has broached the subject of fuel prices, stressing that the cost of gasoline is not growing. The MP invited the Minister to take action to reduce fuel prices. Namely, for 2-3 months to repeal the so-called reverse excise on oil from the damping component, allowing oil companies to obtain tax deductions.

According to Mironov, Novak the idea is not supported, but stated that if the proposal will be considered at a higher level, he is “ready to connect”.

In this regard, the MP said that plans to apply this initiative directly to the President of the Russian Federation. He explained to reporters that “in the current situation, it is better for the state to give for free gasoline to its citizens than a pittance to drive the “black gold” abroad”.

– this will be at least some economic effect on the domestic economy, and people will be able to save money in a very difficult situation, – said Mironov after the meeting.

According to him, the damping mechanism is good for “peace time” and in the current situation needs extraordinary measures.

the Proposal for suspension damper, said Mironov was supported by the head of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the “United Russia” has opposed.

In the conference with energy Minister received the speaker of the lower chamber Vyacheslav Volodin, other representatives of the Duma factions and committees.

the Damping mechanism introduced in January 2019. It provides that the state shall reimburse the companies up to 60% of the difference between the conditional domestic price for fuel and higher export prices. From 1 July 2019, the amount of compensation was increased to 75% for gasoline and up to 70% for diesel.