In the state Duma the amendment to the national vote on the Constitution

the Amendments were prepared by the relevant working group (Krasheninnikov is its co-Chairman), together with the Central election Commission.

it is Proposed to extend the basic procedural issues of preparation and holding of nationwide voting. The results will be a condition of entry into force of the amendments to the Constitution.

Photo: istock/ koromelena the Kremlin confirmed Putin’s meeting with the working group on amendments to the Constitution

Specifies that the purpose of nationwide voting will be done by presidential decree, which should contain a question that will be answered by the citizens.

the date a vote has not yet been reported. However, the amendment establishes that in case it is scheduled on a working day, such a day is declared. We will remind that earlier it said the head of state.

Also establishes that the national vote are entitled to participate citizens of Russia, reached on the day of his 18 years with the exception of citizens recognized by court incapacitated or containing in places of imprisonment upon conviction.

in addition, embody the principles of voting.

the Citizens of the Russian Federation participate in it on the basis of universal, equal and direct elections by secret ballot. State that participation is free and voluntary. No one has the right to affect the citizen of the Russian Federation in order to compel him to participate or not to participate in the national vote, and to prevent his free will. Preparation and conduct of voting shall be open and transparent, based on the need of creating maximum comfort for its participants.

the amendment stipulates that the preparation and conduct of nationwide voting leads infirst, the CEC and the election commissions of the regions, territorial and precinct election commissions.

Klishas: Principles of voting on the Constitution – the availability and credibility of the results

are Installed and the main powers of election commissions. Thus, the CEC approves procedure of voting of the Russian within three days from the day of official publication of the presidential decree on his appointment.

the CEC also determines the order of financing of preparation and conduct of the elections and provides information to citizens. Including gives them the opportunity to read the text of the amendments to the Constitution. And yet, the CEC establishes the procedure of accreditation of representatives of media to participate in media coverage.

For the preparation and conduct of a vote may use the state services portal and MPs

Other responsibilities of the CEC include a statement of the form and text of ballots, the procedure for their manufacture and delivery, control over the process.

And finally, the CEC test, the result of nationwide voting.

To monitor the vote and count of votes, establishment of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation and the public chamber of regions appoint observers.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Pavel Krasheninnikov commented on the progress of work on the amendments to the Constitution

also Spelled out that the bodies of state power of regions, local authorities may allocate from their budgets the funds for assistance to electoral commissions.

For the preparation and conduct of nationwide voting can be used by the portal and other state information systems, and MFTS. And if the conditions for it can be organized and remote e-voting.

Fixed and working procedures of the media. So, from the day onpublication of the decree of the President on the appointment of the nationwide voting until the day of official publication of the CEC the results they provide airtime and print space for the purpose of informing the citizens about the preparation and conduct of voting, explanations of the procedures for participation. This rule, in particular, to national and regional state TV and radio broadcasting. The first must provide at least 15 minutes broadcasting time weekly on each of their channels. The second – not less than 10 minutes.

the Position involves and edition of the state periodic printing editions leaving not less often than 1 time per week (such media are defined by the legislation on elections). For them, the norm is not less than 1/100 from the weekly amount of print space.

the Costs associated with holding a nationwide vote are the election commissions at the expense of funds allocated from the Federal budget. The CEC is the main administrator of these funds.

also pointed out that the CEC determines the results of nationwide voting not later than 5 days after the day of the meeting. And officially publish within 3 days from the date of the decision on the outcome.