Many turned against the film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, because he told the truth. This was stated by state Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov, who have stood up for the artist after the criticism by journalist Vladimir Pozner, radio station “Moscow Says”.

According to Fedorov, the Director said the truth especially on issues of competition of Nations and “the rest”. The MP believes that Mikhalkov took up arms against “the enemies whom he had designated.”

“It turned out to be powerful people with big money, big influence,” explained Fedorov and called Mikhalkov patriot.

Earlier Mikhalkov, in its program “Besogon TV” accused Posner of lying, and revealed details of their secret correspondence, which promised him never to publish. According to the Director, after the controversial release of “Besogon TV” on the plan of billionaire bill gates chipped population of the planet Posner sent him a critical letter, the contents of which were asked not to disclose.

Posner, in response, said in his column about his own vision of the conflict with the Director and published personal correspondence with the opponent, but stressed that to continue the discussion do not intend to.

The broadcaster said that he respects the talent of the Director who once had Mikhalkov. But “we have long been familiar, they have completely different views and sympathies towards each other did not suffer”, — commented on Posner’s latest exchange with Mikhalkov.