Earlier, US media (Associated Press and New York Times) reported that former GRU officers allegedly placed fake, trying to influence the election of the American President in November.

It “another fake and stuffing before the upcoming November election, the 46th President of the United States,” said Slutsky reporters. – Both parties, including through the media, compete for the “external card”. The Republicans have appointed to be responsible for the failure of the national health system China, Democrats still stubbornly continue to cultivate myths about Russian interference in the internal political processes in the United States.

According to Slutsky, those and other wishful thinking to justify their own failures and defeats, as well as to absolve themselves of responsibility for the unfolding crisis in the country.

of Course, all of these publications – nonsense, – said the MP. Russia on the contrary has provided maximum help during the struggle with the coronavirus to foreign countries, among whom was the United States. We are not engaged in “disinformation”. In the much more successful our American partners, groundless saying to the world about the mythical “Russian threat”.