In the state Duma reported about blocking of sites with narcotraficantes

Earlier it was reported that the interior Ministry in response to the communication from the Commission to the materials check “Radio Freedom”, BBC and “Medusa” for the promotion of drug use. In addition, the test concerned non-governmental organizations, recognized in the Russian Federation undesirable, which, according to the deputies, promote in Russia the idea of legalizing drug use.

the Cabinet has proposed to tighten the requirements for initiating proceedings for the sale of drugs

the Results of authentication received in the lower chamber.

– given by us law enforcement authorities information about the promotion on the Internet drug use among young people was confirmed, – told reporters the Piskarev.

the Result, he said, in particular, will be restricting access to information “Radio Freedom” propaganda of the so-called “Hemp March” in Saint-Petersburg. As explained by the Deputy, talking about the video where the protesters are distributing marijuana seeds.

the Restrictions also will affect web pages containing information about the alleged harmlessness for pregnant women methadone and promoted the movement for the legalization of drugs “Narcobusiness”.

the appeal of the deputies was sent to the interior Ministry on the results of the meeting of the Commission February 13, where was considered the question about the influence of foreign NGOs and foreign media for anti-drug policy in our country.

Police arrested suspected of selling large quantities of drugs

– Our Commission continues its work, – said the MP. – With propaganda of drugs online, with the formation of children and young people a tolerant attitude toward them, we will continue to fight, as it poses a direct threat to the demographic growth of our country and the safety of our citizens, especially young people.

He also said that is already prepared and passes the coordination in the Supreme court and the government of Russia the bill on toughening responsibility for inducing young people to use drugs on the Internet.

we are Talking about strengthening the criminal responsibleSTI under article 150 of the Criminal code, described earlier policies. According to Piskareva, for those who engaged in this nefarious business, it is proposed to introduce a penalty for the sale of drugs – up to 20 years in prison.