to Release from punishment of citizens it is proposed at the 58 articles of the administrative code. It’s petty theft, fare evasion, violation of rules of transportation of hand Luggage, Luggage and gruzobagazha, violation of rules of hunting and fishing, rules of registration by place of stay or place of residence.

Also in connection with the introduction of modes of isolation proposed to exempt from administrative liability for committing such offences as carrying out entrepreneurial activities without state registration or without a license, failure in the period the legal provisions of the resolution, presentation, decision of the Supervisory authority, and for violation of terms of registration of weapons.

Separately prescribed exemption from responsibility for violation of traffic rules, i.e. articles 12-th driving Chapter of the administrative code. For example, for excess of speed and departure on an oncoming lane or running a red light. But there are a couple of exceptions: they relate to drunk driving and refusal of medical examination for intoxication. Also will not be able to fall under the Amnesty to those who fled from the scene.

As told “RG” one of the authors of the bill, the head of Committee of the state Duma on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs Yaroslav Nilov, the adoption of Amnesty will allow us to deliver a large number of citizens from additional financial burdens related to expenses for payment of fines for committing minor administrative offences.

In the current tough economic situation when many citizens lost their jobs or faced a reduction in their income taken restrictive measures to counter the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the release of fines and disqualification for minor violations are measure is necessary, reasonable and appropriate.

the use of the Amnesty proposed for judges, bodies and officials authorized to consider cases on administrative offences. Subject to the order if it is approved, will be within six months.

I Must say that the earlier proposal to grant Amnesty to the drivers deprived of their rights, sent to the state Duma a member of the Chamber of young legislators under the Council of Federation Dmitry Guliyev. He also proposed not to exempt from punishment those who had driven a car while intoxicated. His proposal was submitted to the state Duma Committee on state construction and law.

the Project, which was submitted to the state Duma deputies of the LDPR faction, is much wider, but takes into account the initiative.

it is Worth noting that traditionally, the Amnesty only applies to those who have committed a criminal offence. However, the same current of the administrative code contains norms that stipulate the mechanism of release from the punishment of the CT�� committed an administrative violation by the publication of the Amnesty act. However, this mechanism has so far never been applied.