In the state Duma explained, more expensive housing and communal services from-for disinfection of entrances

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee Sergey Pakhomov assured that the cost of housing services is not affected. According to him, processed through asset management companies (AMCs). They “podsokratit their spending on other types of work”, said the Deputy.

“But you have to understand that people are much less open to the street, and so some costs are reduced. Due to this savings management companies can afford to carry out such work,” he said.

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS SF suggested not to punish citizens for failure to pay on utilities during a pandemic

In some regions, the authorities assist the superintendent in acquiring the disinfectant. But, as stressed by the MP, this activity should be carried out exclusively by the criminal code.

He shared the opinion that disinfection at their expense really spending in a month or two (if need be). If you have to disinfect the entrances are longer than that, then in that case you will have to make changes in tariffs for housing and communal services. Or – connect the municipal and city budgets.