In the state Duma assessed the idea of introducing home treatment for the elderly throughout the country

Previously, such as declared the authorities of Moscow and Moscow region: they ordered citizens over the age of 65 years to a regime of isolation in the period from 26 March to 14 April in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. It is also reported that the citizens of these categories will receive payments: for 4 thousand Muscovites and 3 thousand residents of the Moscow region. The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin called chapters and other regions to follow suit and adopt similar measures. He stated this at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

Photo: Carlo BRESSAN / AFP Chief epidemiologist of Russia explained the situation with COVID-19 in Italy

the Measures taken in the Moscow region can seem tough, but they are justified, said Yaroslav Nilov. “They will help to preserve the health and lives of the elderly, which are included in the risk group”, – he stressed.

Moscow is this the right decision, and in other large cities, where there is a threat of the spread of coronavirus, also should be extended mode, the MP said. Nilov stressed that this is reinforced by international experience, for example, such measures taken in Italy.

However, in different regions of Russia different epidemiological situation, said the head of the Committee. Therefore, he said, the decision on the introduction of home treatment needs to take the field, they should be given the opportunity to determine regional headquarters.

Photo: Igor Zarembo / RIA Novosti In the suburbs opened two laboratories where you can test for coronavirus

whether there will be senior citizens without food and necessities?

In Moscow a strong volunteer movement, seriously work social services ruled that Nilov. In addition, delivery of products can help relatives, they, in particular, can provide support with the ordering of goods online with delivery to the pensioner at home. Many elderly citizens and themselves already using this opportunity, he noted.

offset the costs of older, announced by the authorities, it is also called positive measure. “This is the amount that the pensioner is able to spend on themselves,” said Nilov. The MP believes that this is only the first step of the authorities of the Moscow region.