In the state Duma and the Federation Council, praised the idea of Kiev on sell water in the Crimea

the comment sounded Russian politicians in Kiev, the idea of a resumption of water supply to Crimea from the Dnieper through the North-Crimean channel. The statement about the possibility of selling water to the Peninsula was made head of the budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Yuriy Aristov.

According to a member of the Federation Council Vladimir dzhabarov, this is a sensible initiative. According to him, the Russian authorities were initially willing to pay for the supply of fresh water from Ukraine to Crimea, but none of the arguments were not accepted.

the result of the overlap of a Large Crimean canal was swamping the Kherson region of Ukraine, said the Senator. There rises the groundwater level, there is direct loss, damage to agriculture of Ukraine, he explained.

the supply of water in Crimea, said dzhabarov, would allow Kiev to not only make money but also to improve bilateral contacts. At the same time, said the Senator, in the case of buying water in Ukraine it will be applied in agriculture, as in drinking terms the Crimea is already fully secured.

Another Senator Sergei Tsekov — emphasizes that Russia is not going to buy water at any price, although it would be right “to have something guaranteed from the point of view of water supply”.

According to Vice-speaker of the Crimean Parliament Vladimir Bobkov, Kiev is not ready to resume the supply of the Crimea, the question arises whether this water by the Crimeans. Judgment, which periodically appear in Ukraine very quickly leveled as soon as it comes to implementation, said Bobkov.

similarly, in his opinion, will not come to realization and the idea with the supply of water — at least in the near future. Moreover, for the resumption of supplies to Ukraine will have to invest significant funds in the rehabilitation of pumping stations and to check the safety of the entire bed of the channel.

At the same time, according to Bobkov, “with such an unstable government in Ukraine” of confidence in the permanent supply of water to Crimea in the long termthe term no. There is the question of safety of supplied water: it will need to be checked for compliance with safety standards to avoid possible provocations.

on the Eve of the state Duma Deputy Mikhail Sheremet has told RIA Novosti that the resumption of water supply will become a test of political maturity for the Ukrainian authorities. According to him, formal complaints has been reported, however, Russia would welcome such an initiative. While it would be beneficial first of all to Kiev: Ukraine could not only make money but also to restore the land in Kherson region, worn out with the overlap of the North Crimean channel.