In the Sheremetyevo has lost gold bars for 58 million rubles

the Sheremetyevo airport personnel found on the runway two ingot gold total cost of about 58 million rubles. Conducted an internal investigation, reported TASS the press service of the air Harbor.

Precious cargo weighing 25.5 kg was the early morning of 26 March to go from Moscow to London, but, according to preliminary data, a suitcase of gold fell out of the car and left lying on the inside of the road where he was found after the departure of “Aeroflot”.

Gold, as the accompanying papers, belongs to the Krasnoyarsk plant of nonferrous metals named after V. N. Gulidova, and its cost is estimated at 57,977 million rubles.

“the Goods fully delivered to the client. Currently undergoing an internal investigation,” — said the press service of Sheremetyevo.