IN an ADZ Samara region has already attracted 75 investors willing to invest about 41 billion rubles and to create about 8.5 thousand new jobs. Today has already invested more than 10 billion and created 4.5 million jobs.

Increasing the revenue of the resident companies of SEZ “Tolyatti” – from the beginning of project implementation it is made up of 19.72 billion rubles, and in 2019, up 40 percent from 2018. residents of the area paid to all budget levels more of 2.53 billion rubles in taxes.

With the growth of interest in the SEZ there is a continuous development of the territory. We are now building housing for investors with an area of over 30 thousand square meters, as well as customs infrastructure, which invested about half a billion in Federal funds. The agreement on public-private partnership with Russian Railways on the construction of the railway line for the SEZ, which will make the logistics of the territory more attractive to investors.

in addition, in June this year, the SEZ officially became a territory of Togliatti, this means that the residents of the territory there is a new preference that gives them the Fund of development of monotowns. With all the benefits for investors of SEZ are saved. So, at the expense of means of Fund of development of monotowns is possible to build infrastructure for business, providing preferential loans (up to 250 million rubles at zero percent, and from 250-1000 million under five percent).

Another area of support for companies implementing high-tech projects in Samara region “Zhiguli valley”, regional operator of “SKOLKOVO”. This is one of the recognized leaders among the technology parks of the country in the rating of Association of TP of the Russian Federation it takes the third place by the end of 2019. “Zhigulevskaya valley” now has about 250 residents (almost 2,400 jobs), which annually deduct in the budget of 442 million rubles in taxes. By the way, at the expense of the residents now comes the construction of industrial buildings “Zhigulevskaya valley – 2”.

As a rule, the positive decision with the approach of the investor in the Samara region is affected by the geographical location of the region – it is located in the centre of a large consumer market, within a radius of five hundred kilometers, which is home to about 30 million people. Developed road, rail, river and air service allows to transport the cargo with minimal costs and maximum comfort. No accident that one of the most popular destinations among investors was the construction in the region of logistic centres of companies “Auchan”, “Hoff”, “Avon”, “Red and White”, “tool World”, “DNS”, “ETM”, “VITA”, “Mail of Russia” and others.

in addition, in the Samara region is now in the active stage there are works on construction of a bridge in the areae klymivka village, which will be part of a transport and logistic corridor Europe – Western China. This massive object will not only improve transport accessibility within the province, but will have a serious impact on the export potential of the whole Volga Federal district. New international transport artery of the country will be held in the vicinity of the SEZ and ADZ “Togliatti” and will lead to improved logistics: via these sites will be the new traffic flows.

– Wide selection of investment sites in the Samara region to meet the needs of any investor coming to the region, – said the Minister of economic development and investment Samara region Dmitry Bogdanov. When the emphasis is on building direct and open dialogue with the business. In order to choose the most favorable conditions for each, the region has special development institutions. The specialists of the Agency on attraction of investments provides comprehensive support to investors not only on the selection of areas for the implementation of the project and its output at the final stage, but also in the development process of the project.