In the Russian region have stopped selling cosmetics

In the Tula region stopped selling cosmetics in stores pandemic coronavirus. It is reported Baza.

it is Noted that the region’s residents can buy only a mask, wet and dry wipes, disinfectant for the hands and soap. In addition, there will be the trade of commodities, such as washing powder, toilet paper, toothbrush and paste.

According to the source, not all stores have removed products from the shelves, but if you try to buy them sellers “shaking head and a sad sigh”.

In February it became known that the inhabitants of the Far East was left without vegetables for the virus. After the closure of the Russian border with China in the far East from supermarkets was missing vegetables, and the sale of products much more expensive. For example, the price of green onions increased almost in two times — up to 399 rubles per kilogram.