In the Russian Orthodox Church

ROC the Russian Orthodox Church “with understanding” have reacted to the call of the Moscow authorities not to visit temples on “vacation”, but close they will not
AGN Moscow / Alexander Avilov “Understanding the feelings of believers Muscovites, however, I highly recommend asking these days to refrain from visiting religious sites”, – called the mayor
AGN Moscow / Alexander Avilov

the ROC is sympathetic to the recommendations of the authorities of Moscow and Moscow region “to refrain from visiting religious sites,” but the churches will not close. About this through a press-service of the Church announced a working group under the Patriarch of coordinating efforts in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus. Her words leads to “Interfax”.

“the Pastoral responsibilities of the clergy will be fully enforced against all those believers who find themselves in this difficult time to come to the temple for prayer about their loved ones and about our people”, – stated in itcommentarii working group.

For those who decide to stay home in the Russian Orthodox Church promised to organize regular broadcast services including television channels “Saved”, “Union” and social networks. It noted that some parishes of Moscow has started audio – and video translation services. In the churches of Moscow organized the duty of priests for immediate execution of requests for communion at home parishioners older than 65 years and with chronic diseases who are required to stay in their homes.

“We can’t close the temples. If we do this, people will start to panic: close the temples and we have no place to pray. Can’t do that. Faith needs hope”, – said the monk vysoko-Petrovsky monastery in Moscow Konstantin Simon, quoted by Telegram-channel “Defrocked”. However, he encouraged members of risk groups to refrain from visiting temples during these days and confirmed that the believers will be organized online translation service.

the mayor of Moscow has published a list of additional constraints that are introduced in the capital for the period declared by the Russian President Vladimir Putin after hours weeks. From 28 March to 5 April in Moscow suspend restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens and other public catering establishments, with the exception of service take-out and delivery.

Temporarily stops the operation of the retail facilities, with the exception of drugstores and pharmacies, grocery stores, and sale of certain types of non-food commodities. Furthermore, it should be temporarily stopped to provide citizens with services that require personal presence, with the exception of medical and other social services. “Understanding the feelings of believers Muscovites, however, I highly recommend asking these days to refrain from visiting religious sites,” urged the mayor.