The Chairman of the Duma Committee on defence Yury Shvydkin called the statement about the capacity of Russia’s military potential in the Arctic trying to find a reason to increase military capabilities in this direction by the countries of NATO.

The state Department feared Russian actions in the Arctic

Previously the first Deputy assistant Secretary of state for European Affairs and Eurasian Affairs Michael Murphy said that the buildup of Russian military presence in the Arctic “beyond defense”. He called for retaliatory action.

I want to point out that this statement from the United States is an attempt to find a reason to build a military capacity in the Arctic area of the countries of NATO, quoted Svitkina RIA Novosti.

The MP added that the events of the Russian Federation in the Arctic, are not in violation and are in accordance with international law. The defence capabilities of Russia in the region is adequate to increase the military capabilities of NATO countries in the area.

Wrote the U.S. Department of state, “recognizing the legitimate interests” of Russia in the Arctic, expressed concern about the construction of military infrastructure of the Russian Federation in the region. Depodesta called Moscow’s actions are contrary to the best interests of America and its partners.