The scale of the anti-accusations reached in the US phase “beat the that strangers were afraid”. This was stated by Director of Department of international information security of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Andrey Krutskikh, commenting on the words of US attorney General about the ties of Apple with Russia and China.

“the Scale of the anti-accusations reached in the US, another phase, namely: “beat the that strangers were afraid”. This is bad characterizes them”, — RIA Novosti quotes the diplomat.

According to him, the Russian side “at all levels” have repeatedly offered US to sit at the negotiating table and clarify all mutual claims, to develop an algorithm of structural analysis of all situations.

“However, while the US is not “ripe”. But “matured” to the point that even their business in cybersphere begins to raise his hand, that, in my view, suggests that something is wrong in the United States and how they are managed,” he added.

Earlier, U.S. attorney General William Barr said that Apple was working with Russia and China who are allegedly trying to organize the surveillance of citizens.

He also said that Apple refused to cooperate with the specialists of the Ministry of justice, which is why they had to crack two of the iPhone Saudi military, who staged a shooting at a military base in Florida in December 2019.

6 December 2019 at the air base of the U.S. Navy in Florida there was a shooting in which three people died and seven were hospitalized. The attacker was a citizen of Saudi Arabia, who were trained at a U.S. military base.