The Ministry said that the claims of pharmaceutical companies to the Russian vaccine against coronavirus based on ignorance of the results of the studies, reports RBC.

Earlier, the Association of clinical research (AOKI) has applied to the Ministry of health with a proposal to postpone the state registration of the first developed in Russia vaccine against COVID-19 to the successful completion of the third phase of its clinical trials.

The third – post-marketing – phase studies of the vaccine is expected by thousands of volunteers, it will be a more extensive clinical studies, which are permitted in terms of a pandemic, commented Deputy head of Roszdravnadzor Valentina Kosenko offer AOKI.

"the Vaccine cannot be registered until completed the study – no one will violate the law" – told him, noting that Russia — a country with a rich history of development and production of vaccines with a large number of companies and research centers, therefore the vaccine center of a name of Gamalei unlikely to comply with the requirements.

According Kosenko, this vaccine was a few hundred volunteers, no one on it serious adverse reactions were not.

"it is Obvious that AOKI not knowing any of the results, draws conclusions," concluded Kosenko.