The river Rhine is like Jell-o, sedate and green. Shortly after Stein am Rhein SH of the river do not want to come on Forward. We also don’t. To summer the weather, to fun the water fight, and comfortably out of the rubber boat as it arrived at our Böötli-trip on speed.

On a hot summer day, we rented spontaneously on a boat for a couple of leisurely hours on the water. With the idea we are not alone: On the Rhine between lake Constance and Schaffhausen all, what can also for a swim only to some extent romps, including Mini-inflatable boats with Overcrowding, floating tires and a sagging air mattresses. Some of the vehicle is similar to a Hara-Kiri on command. Also, a pink Flamingo around bobs up and down. He used a couple as a love nest.

The route of Stein am Rhein – Schaffhausen is very popular

Our boat is called “Expedition”. An absurd Exaggeration. The only danger that lurks here, is attack a salmon – if you follow a few safety rules. From time to time, pre-rustles, an excursion steamer, and then you should get the hell out of the fairway. In spite of the occasional price for the high-Rhine ships, in addition to the Aare route from Thun to Bern, the most popular recreational river in Switzerland. This is mainly due to the landscapes and villages of the Rosamunde – Pilcher-Format.

We drive past forests, vineyards and castles. The medieval city of Stein am Rhein, Diessenhofen, and finally, Schaffhausen with its beautiful old town here on the way. Who wants to spend a Plauschtag on the water, here is enough Input for some Sightseeing.

the rubber boat is the perfect sport for the Lazy

is driving, one Is on the water, there are, of course, nothing to do: once a little paddling, a Wff e (marker support) to Dodge and otherwise, around goofing off and gossiping. Rubber boat is the perfect sport for the Lazy. And for the people, the procedures in the Express times really want to relax. The enforced slowness Relaxing has what. Eventually, the Hunger tweaks, and we want to tan our brought Cervelats over an open fire. We felt the last Bay, which is not occupied by day-trippers.

If we have just invested in Germany or in the Swiss Confederation are, we do not know. The border is buzzing here back and forth like one of those mosquitoes dance on the water. We collect some wood for the Fire, pointy sticks and sizzle the sausages. Then we Munch on melon and watch the Goings on on the water. The day flies by in Slow-Motion, yet in the blink of an eye. Therefore, scha_ we only Diessenhofen instead of up to Schaffhausen. Maybe we should have a little more paddling.

Useful information to rubber-boat-Tour from Stein am Rhein to Schaffhausen

boat rent : inflatables for up to 5 persons can be rented at the adventure farm “Bolderhof” in Hemishofen. Either you get the boat there, or to Stein am Rhein will bring. Back from Diessenhofen, or Schafhausen go with the train (boat fold!). 165 Francs/Boot.

duration: : The pure paddling time for the 18 miles from Stein am Rhein to Schaffhausen is about 4 hours, plus breaks and Transport. Diessenhofen is located approximately in the middle.

security : The Rhine makes no great demands. However, accidents can be in the water very quickly dangerous. Children should always wear a life vest. Always outside of the fairway White side of the markers) to (. Wiffen (marker poles) and bridge piers detour far. Alcohol is a No-Go: In the case of motor boats and the course, you must be able to respond to ships may be fast. Boats never bind together. The police Department of the Canton of Thurgau are more tips:

tip: The rubber boot guide from the publisher describes the 22 most beautiful tours in the Swiss rivers. A map of places of interest, or an Overview, BBQ areas and dangerous areas. In addition, tips to Stop and to be Boarded to be given. Werd Verlag, 192 Pages, 39.90 Swiss Francs.

it is a pleasure to be In a rubber boat on the way to a cheerful summer. The lapping of the water, the sparkling of light on the waves, the lush green nature. In between cultural pearls such as monasteries and castles. For a change, a jump into the cool water or on the shore, make a fire! The summer can hardly be more intense to enjoy. This unique guide presents the 22 most rewarding river trips in Switzerland. He turns to nature and water fans of all ages for trips with family or friends. A simple equipment is sufficient. All entries and exits are with public transport easily accessible. So it’s just: Inflate-and-drop!

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