Former national security Advisor to the administration of former President Barack Obama, Susan rice, said that the protests and riots in the United States of America, which is currently observed in the country after the death of the African-American George Floyd during the arrest police can stand Russia. On it informs TV channel Fox News.

According to her, in such actions involved both peaceful protesters and extremists who try to control the ongoing protests and “turn them into something completely different.”

Rice says that it comes “from the Russian playbook”. She suggested that Russia allegedly could incite some of the participants in the demonstrations and riots through social networking, as well as to Finance it, “somehow, in one form or another”.

May 25, police in Minneapolis arrested the African-American George Floyd. During the arrest, a police officer stood with his knee on the man’s neck. Floyd shouted that suffocating, but the police paid no attention to it. In the end, the man died in the intensive care unit. This caused mass protests and riots in the United States.