In the resort of Gelendzhik will be allowed not only to travel over the territory of Russia

Rest in health resorts gelendzhika, only those who have not left the territory of Russia. Because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus in the resort stepped up anti-epidemic measures.

So, arriving on rest and treatment now measure the temperature, if there is an increase of ten units — this is a reason to refuse. Also taking only those in the last month has not traveled abroad and had no contact with travelers.

At the registration desks set disinfectant gels. 6 to 8 times a day in the buildings of sanatoriums fumigating, including door handles and stair railings. But directly in the air — wet cleaning and airing.

As reported STRC “Kuban” under the scrutiny of health and person resorts. Daily temperature measurement before the beginning of the working day — always, and wearing medical masks and gloves.

Text: GTRK “Kuban”