Employees Mospeada noticed a grey Heron in the faunal reserve “Long ponds” located in the North. The bird listed in the Red book of Moscow (the fourth category of rarity). To meet her in the capital — a great success.

Heron was attracted by the wetlands and thickets of cattail, bulrush and reed. Here she can safely rest during the flight to the South.

the Red bird lives near water. In size it resembles a goose. In flight the Heron folds its neck in the form of the Latin letter S. the bird Flies, easily, slowly, plans rarely and almost never hovering.

you can See a Heron near the ponds, where the bird stands motionless for long periods of time near the water. So she hunts — stalking fish or amphibians. Gray herons have a loud raspy voice, reminiscent of a croak, then a wheeze.

the reserve “Long ponds” can be found other species of rare birds: coots and moorhens. Staff Mospeada conduct regular account of the inhabitants of the natural areas of the capital. So, this year they counted 861 Chicks of waterfowl.