In the regions of Russia are forbidden to sell salads and ride to the neighbors

Salads have been banned

In the Nizhny Novgorod region in the decree of the Governor has a special instruction for trade. They were instructed to suspend the implementation of salads, culinary products and other ready meals self-service.

the Decree was signed on March 13. He entered the territory of the region of high alert to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of coronavirus infection. Precautionary measure.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS In Russia, three people contracted the coronavirus in the country

the region was recorded only one case of the disease in women, who returned from a trip to Italy. According to the Governor Gleb Nikitin, the region has not revealed new cases of disease. “The only patient there are no signs of SARS. Those who had contact with her are under observation,” added the Governor.

the Main provisions of the decree focused mainly on the control of the state coming from abroad. Citizens returning from foreign countries where cases of infection, it is recommended to inform on “a hot line” Nizhny Novgorod territorial center of medicine of accidents, indicating the place of residence abroad, the date of the trip and its contacts. When the manifestation of the first symptoms of SARS should call a doctor and in any case not to go to the reception yourself.

In this case, all arrivals are asked to stay home for 14 days from the date of return to Russia. From the text of the decree follows that the sick leave for the departed in quarantine will be able to prescribe local doctors after the house call. Will be paid for the period of voluntary quarantine for those who have symptoms two weeks not tomay become, is not specified.

the Heads of enterprises and organizations mandated to provide daily wet cleaning of premises and in closed – set bactericidal irradiators. Employees should be given the opportunity of body temperature control and, if necessary, to release them from work. To identify the disease with the same methods will be the students and students, as well as those who live in social service agencies. All leaders are obliged to help people with signs of respiratory disease in enforcing mode isolation, and promptly notify Management of Rospotrebnadzora across the Nizhniy Novgorod region about all the contacts of the sick.

In neighboring regions – a foot

the Kemerovo region Residents are recommended to refrain from traveling not only abroad, but in Russian cities with unfavorable epidemiological situation.

Employers are designed to guide employees in appropriate business trip, not to hold events with participation of foreigners, to translate his subordinates with signs of SARS in remote mode using the public means of communication and a meeting.

Photo: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti Russia because of the coronavirus cancelled trains to Ukraine, Latvia and Moldova

the Mode of increased readiness in connection with the novel coronavirus, the government of Kuzbass introduced March 14.

Remotely Monday will communicate and Kuzbass students with teachers. The regional Department of education and science recommended to enter quarantine in educational institutions and additional education.

Some schools of the regional centre on Saturday announced an extraordinary spring “vacation” since March 16, which seamlessly flow into one another. At the same time forpreseny and any extracurricular visits students and parents in the school. All mass events involving children in the area canceled, as well as those associated with travel of minors outside the region.

the Mode of increased readiness in the region imposed immediately after the diagnosis was confirmed COVID-19 two residents of Kemerovo. Both infected people in middle age to 60 years back from a tourist trip to Italy.

As has told the Deputy chief of the regional Department of health protection of the population Elena Zelenina, in the infectious diseases hospital for the treatment of patients with coronavirus has allocated an insulated casing with 380 beds. Now there is almost closed. Staff working with patients living in the hospital, being, as he put Zelenina, on the military situation. A few more people arrived from epidemiologically dangerous countries and having characteristic symptoms hospitalized in Novokuznetsk.

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In the hospital on his own and formed one of the four the Kuzbass, were in contact with the infected with the virus. Rest – home quarantine under the supervision of doctors. All in all, the moment the doctors are watching 97 citizens. And in total since the beginning of the pandemic on the presence of a novel coronavirus were examined over two hundred residents of Kuzbass.

just In case for potential patients is also reserved 40 beds in the Kemerovo regional hospital. And for the people with no signs of respiratory infection, but were in contact with the sick, prepared by the countryside recreation center on 60 places. Drugs for the treatment of respiratory diseases and equipment for artificial lung ventilation in the region, as assured the heads of line Department in the region enough.

ports took control

high alert on the territory of Kuban has started to operate from March 15 to may 1, 2020.

As he wrote, “RG”, in the region this week was the first case of coronavirus. COVID-19 . He identified the entrepreneur retirement age, the man returned from a tourist trip to Italy. For the treatment of the pensioner and his isolation in the infectious diseases hospital of the city of Krasnodar was deployed indoor anti-plague hospital. The patient’s condition is satisfactory. Anyone who has had contact with him are under the constant supervision of doctors.

Increased security measures to avoid the spread of the coronavirus is introduced in one of the country’s largest sea port of Novorossiysk and other ports of Kuban. According to the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor, in all ships that come here from China, South Korea and Iran, conduct disinfection and measure the temperature of the members of the crews with thermal imagers.

Hoteliers reservation can not canceled

In the Kaliningrad region (there are cases) a high alert will be effective from March 17.

However, in a region that is popular with foreign tourists, decided not to cancel hotel reservations guests of the “red zone”. However, the regional Rospotrebnadzor asks hoteliers to inform the authorities about such visitors.

Photo: AP Photo the Psychologist explained the absence of panic in Russia because of the coronavirus

Leningrad oblast and St. Petersburg has introduced the mode of increased readiness for 13 March. In the Botkin hospital is now treating patients with a confirmed diagnosis of “coronavirus” from the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, and range in age from 10 to 55 years.

the List of standard measures: quarantine in hospitals, additional training IUpersonal to receive infectious patients, revision of equipment with an emphasis on ventilators, monitoring of availability and prices of antiviral drugs, regular disinfection of the premises.