In Sulak canyon in Dagestan was introduced a dress code for tourists. It is reported by telegram-channel “Mash”.

Sulak canyon, as reported by “Rambler” — one of the deepest canyons in the world. It is situated in kazbekovskiy district of Dagestan. Some time ago there appeared a sign asking tourists to respect the dress code — not to walk in shorts, t-shirts and swimwear.

“the Request to tourists to our guests, to dress decently”, — says a local resident Ramadan on the video, which was published by “Mesh”.

Local resident Zagidat says on it that in Dagestan are always happy to see normal dressed, but not naked tourists, because to go naked is not allowed according to the local customs. In turn, the local Effendi said that in Dagestan it is possible to wear the clothes one wants to wear.

“Who can deny what is going man?! Shirt and shorts — clothing,” he said.

Yesterday, the public “Typical of Sochi” the social network “Vkontakte” reported that all beaches and bars and all the pools on the resort Imeretinka now overcrowded, because there were a lot of tourists. In the comments the users of social networks criticized the residents of Sochi for complaints of tourists, due to which the city lives.