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– March we can say was a success. The first decade of the month a record warm: until the ninth of March in Central Russia buzzed the mark of +10 degrees. The only thing that spoils a perfect picture is rain.

Photo: istock What the weather would be on March 8 and the heat associated with climate change

Into the earth in the coming days – plus 12-17 degrees and almost no rain. And in the South will continue a history of rapid warming. Until the middle of next week the South will wallow in the summer heat. There is a lot of sun, no rain. The real summer +10-15 degrees. If the water were warmer, then you can open the swimming season. But while the water in the Black sea is warmed to 10-15 degrees.

later In the middle of the European territory the temperature will decline, said Tiscover. Now the excess over the norm is 7-10 degrees, but with each decade the excess will be reduced. “March in any case it will be 3-6 degrees above normal. Precipitation will be normal. April is only 2-3 degrees will be warmer than usual. And, by the way, in April, is expected deficit of precipitation, the month will be a little dry. May will be warmer than normal by 1-2 degrees. Anomaly will be reduced, but in any case it will be a very comfortable spring,” promised Tiscover.