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“In my opinion, the topic of global warming overheated. In the West, if you deny the problem of global warming, and even arguments, you automatically become an outcast. If your plant is not doing emissions limitations or special equipment is installed, you will not be allowed on the markets of Europe and the United States. So you just forced to buy the equipment. This is a purely economic issue,” – said Tiscover. But to deny that global warming exists, too.

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS Climate in Russia warming 2.5 times faster than in the world

According to the weathermen, global warming is a cyclic process. It manifests itself in certain periods. Then fizzles. This is due to solar activity, volcanic activity, and anthropogenic factor (human activities).

But the warm winter has provided this time not global warming, says Tiscover. “Last year there was a major fire in Siberia, North America and Australia, which made a huge exhaust black carbon, which, apparently, risen very high, broke through the troposphere and lower stratosphere has spread across the globe. He did not miss the cold mass”.

the Atmosphere returns to normal, it will take a couple years. “While soot from the fires itself is not utilized, it will influence the thermo-dynamic balance of the atmosphere. And when the system recovers, there is still something suitable. The sun begins to fade or the Gulf stream will begin to cool. If the Gulf stream will begin to revolve around the tropical zones, not coming to the British Isles, to Scandinavia and our Russian North (to Murmansk), the climate in Russia will change dramatically,” – said the forecaster. And in the direction of cooling.

“VPeredi we will find a lot of climatic events. But humanity has survived it more than once. We can’t affect the climate, can only adapt to and minimize risks,” – concluded Tiscover.