The leadership of the Perm Opera and ballet theatre has presented to journalists the new head of the ballet troupe. Who led the troupe since 2009, Alexei Miroshnichenko was replaced by Deputy artistic Director of ballet and choreographer of the Ekaterinburg state academic Opera and ballet theatre Anton Pimonov.”Change is evolutionary, not revolutionary”,— said General Director of the Perm Opera Andrei Borisov told reporters. “This does not mean that I do not regret the departure of Alexei Grigorievich. But it’s a good sadness. He leaves without leaving: plans to have his productions are already as a guest choreographer. In the autumn will be resumed the fool (ballet in one act.— “Kommersant”), he (Alexei Miroshnichenko.— “B”) will come to us “Arabesque”,”— said the head of the theatre.Also Andrey Borisov said, according to what criteria were used to select the new head of the ballet troupe. “First of all, this person should have the Vaganova school, should be associated with the St. Petersburg ballet school. As the Perm ballet has invisible links with St Petersburg. It should be a man with a reputation in the professional community, working on large scenes, making the iconic setting, with experience of the head of the ballet troupe,”— said Mr. Borisov.Alexei Miroshnichenko, said that he personally proposed the candidacy of the new head of the ballet troupe. “I assumed a lot of responsibility. Because if something goes wrong, they will say: it was your idea. But I’m sure everything will be fine”,— said Mr. Myroshnichenko. To talk about plans for future employment, he refused. According to one version, the choreographer can move to Saint Petersburg.Anton Pimonov said that already familiar with the company. “I understand what the Perm theatre, Perm ballet. Today’s reputation years to build, Alexei G. and Andrei Alexandrovich. Our task is to preserve this level and move on. To continue the classical repertoire, performances of Alexei”,— said the choreographer. He added that the new season is planning their own production. “In connection with what is happening in the world to do in the first season, something major would be wrong. Probably, for this season it would be right to do a one— act work,” said Mr. Pimonov.Anton Pimonov graduated from the Academy of Russian ballet. A. Y. Vaganova in 1999 and joined the Mariinsky theatre. In 2012 he made his debut as a choreographer, collaborated with the ballet Theatre named after Jacobson in St. Petersburg, ballet “Moscow”, the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi theatre, the Perm choreographic school. In 2017, the performance of “Violin Concerto No. 2” by Prokofiev’s music with the participation of the prima ballerina of Mariinsky theatre Victoria Tereshkina brought him to National theatre pre��UW “Golden mask” in the nomination “the Work of a ballet master-choreographer.” From 2017 to 2020 Anton Pimonov was Deputy artistic Director of the Ural Ballet Vyacheslav Samodurov. Here he staged, in particular, ballet “Brahms Party” to the music of Brahms applying for the award “Golden mask” in 2020.About the play by Anton Pimonov one-act ballet “the Moon is opposite to” read the material “Dream up” to “Kommersant”.Konstantin Kadochnikov, Perm