In the work of discussion platforms was attended by Federal and regional experts, representatives of Executive and legislative regional authorities, local authorities, managers of industrial and agricultural enterprises, small and medium business, and public figures.

For the last time in our lives has been significant changes. Changed the habitual way of life, a way to earn. A powerful impetus was given to the development of the digital world. Appeared and grow new services and unobvious capacity. Our task is not to stand by and commit changes. I, as Governor, the regional government, ministries and departments are required to promptly react, assess and consider changes, and some of the processes lead and guide, as a plenary session were made by the head of the region Ivan Belozertsev.

the Main purpose of the changes the Governor called a stable growth of the quality of life of inhabitants of the Penza region and instructed the ministries to develop program outcomes of the thematic sessions. There were seven of them: “Neodobrenie”, “Social support of citizens”, “Education”, “Investment potential”, “agro-industry”, “hospitality”, “City”. Participants in the discussions identified the main range of challenges and ways to overcome them. For each direction there will be developed a regional programme in the likeness of national projects: with clear goals and objectives, with key performance indicators and milestones. Their formation will be used to punish residents who come from cities and districts of the Penza region. To achieve the goals in the region will start staffing the competition.

the goals of universal digitization and the development of IT-cluster in the region for the transition to a new level of support and development of small and medium business, the development of domestic tourism. In the field of education in the shortest possible time needed to implement a deep career guidance and training of competent personnel according to the needs of employers. It was also suggested to create in the Penza region Center meeting and training of the Championships of professional skills among students of colleges with a good material base. In the sphere of social protection of the population, the priority is getting help to the older generation. Plans to introduce a system of long-term home care, social services and medical care in their familiar home environment. A specific role for targeted social support, and increase the share of state and municipal services in electronic form.

the Strategy is a vision for the future is the task that I set myself and the government, – said Ivan Belozertsev.

He said there are three SOStalauma on which the work of the Governor. This is the stability, security and development. Despite the global challenges, the economy of the Penza region managed to achieve during the first half of the growth in the industrial sector by five percent compared to the same period last year, allowing the region to emerge on this indicator the second place in Volga Federal district.

Stability plays an important role in attracting investment. In the region where adopted and adhered to the transparent scheme of cooperation between business and government invested large funds. In previous years the Penza region has shown steady growth of investment. Here are steadily working to existing businesses, open new, create more jobs.

– the Stability is more calm and confidence in the future of the region’s residents. To achieve this in the era of turbulence is possible, while maintaining and increasing measures of social support. Stability is also the fulfillment of all promises. People need to get used to the fact that if you promised to do something, it will be executed, – said the Governor.

Development of the Penza region remains a top priority in the work of the regional authorities. The head of the region thanked the experts for the assessment of the work of the regional authorities, and noted that every decision on the session will take form of adjustments in the plans of realization of strategy of development of the Penza region.

Michael Vinogradov, the President of Fund “the Petersburg policy”:

– Penza oblast is a strong and sustainable region, confirming the viability of its strategy in the context of the pandemic. When, after a break in July, we returned to the rankings of sustainability, we turned the place in Penza region in the ranking. When you do this you had already given us the phones with messages about what you the good account. We relied on the index of industrial production and that for this indicator, the region is on the 22nd place in Russia.

Gennady Kotelnikov, Chairman of the Samara regional Duma:

– Penza was not a few years. During this time, the regional centre has changed noticeably. There are new neighborhoods with beautiful homes, new schools are just some of the things that I noticed. Visited his small home in Kuznetsk, good roads everywhere. I would like to mention advances in health care. Pays great attention to the development of primary care. The Penza region has set the ambitious target of one hundred percent coverage of affordable and quality medical care. This is a serious problem, and I am sure that you will cope with it.

Alexander Ignatiev, Director General of the Union of Russian cities:

– with regard to development strategy, I believe that to change the RES��about its direction after each crisis, or after any serious event in the country is not necessary. If we are talking today about what needs to change and that you need to pay attention, then this implementation plan. You just have to see how to implement it in the current situation. There are global trends in the development of municipalities, many of them should Penza oblast