the only Tangible had to raise prices for utility services in the North Caucasus, considerably (5 percent) planned to increase tariffs in Buryatia, Yakutia, Omsk region and Moscow.

the Increase in tariffs on certain utility service – water, gas, electricity – can be both above and below the limit level, but the regional average utility bills may not grow higher than a preset “threshold”.

Some regions have decided to postpone the change in individual tariffs or to increase them slightly. According to NP “ZHKH Control” in the Irkutsk region pending change of tariffs for water supply, overhaul and removal of debris, in the Ryazan region – for the repair, removal of debris and gas. Below a limit raise tariffs in Altai and Kamchatka territories, Astrakhan, Kursk oblasts and some other regions.

because of the decline in the collection rate of 10-15% shortfall in revenues for the period of the pandemic is estimated at 70-80 billion roubles, have noted in Ministry of construction.