even the Symbolic location of this complex. It is in the area 79 years ago, the Nazis made one last attempt to break through to the capital. But the selfless actions of the soldiers and commanders of the red army forced the German command to abandon the plan to capture Moscow with the Naro-Fominsky areas.

unique outdoor Museum was created with the use of weapons and military equipment of times of the great Patriotic war. Every item there is unique and has its own history.

the Museum is divided into several thematic zones. Among them – the front line of defense, deployment of troops in the rear, the engineering of the barrier. The reconstruction of the area where the Red army stopped the Nazis, the breakthrough to Moscow, where began the counteroffensive of the Soviet army, created on archival documents and images of the front time.

the First part of the exhibition dedicated to the operation, during which was destroyed the enemy grouping near the village of akulovo. The visitors of the Museum – the picture of the battlefield and the action of the 32nd infantry division. Within two days of its commanders and fighters repulsed the attempts of the Germans to break to Kubinka. They do not miss the enemy and inflicted heavy losses in manpower and technology.

the exhibition also presents the episode of the liberation of the village of Yushkovo. What forces the Germans threw into battle can be judged by Museum objects. Destroyed German tank T – IV. And this is padded “Junkers-87” and disabling self-propelled artillery Stug-III. On the bole of the battle recreated our firing point with the calculation of machine gun DP-27. Next to the dugouts, the position of the artillery calculations, the tanks T-34-76 and KV-1, observation points, and cell calculations, band engineering obstacles.