the Pantone color Institute has updated its palette and added a new shade of red, which was named Period (in the English language, this word also means monthly). A new shade was developed in collaboration with Swedish brand Intimina medical, which manufactures various products for women, including menstrual cups.

the Tint has developed in support of the global campaign that aims to fight the stigma of menstruation and to show that this is a normal function of the body, which should not be shy.

Despite the fact that billions of people experiencing menstruation, historically it was regarded as something, which we must not speak publicly. But if we look at popular culture, the image of menstruation is often inaccurate or does become the subject for jokes and ridicule,

— said global brand Manager Intimina Daniela Zagare.

for Example, in India women are sometimes not allowed to cook food or touch anyone during menstruation, as at this point they are considered unclean. But problems experienced by women in developed countries. So, in the United States every fifth teenager has access to affordable hygiene products during menstruation.

Energetic and bold shade of red, a manly colour Period inspires people who have menstruation, be proud of yourself, allows you to mark an exciting and powerful life force with which they were born. We encourage everyone, regardless of gender, feel comfortable and talk openly about this pure and natural body functions,

— said in a Pantone instagram.