the staff of the natural-historical Park “Moskvoretsky” will hold an online tour and talk about long-eared owls. The event will be held may 16 at 19:00.

Participants will learn that the natural and historical Park has become a nesting long-eared owls. In different years they were observed by the inhabitants of districts of Strogino and Krylatskoye. And staff Mospeada noticed birds Krylatsky hills, in the Kirov floodplain and Shchukinsky Peninsula.

long-Eared owl is a smaller version of owl. It is two times less than its feathered counterpart. The name of the bird was named for the feather tufts on the head, resembling ears. Owls are nocturnal, nest in old nests of corvids and dusk fly hunting. The birds ‘ diet consists of small rodents and insects.

long-Eared owl — vulnerable species. In 2001 he was listed in the Red book of Moscow.

At specially protected natural areas ecologists carry out daily control over observance of environmental legislation. Employees also hold shares Mospeada “watch the bird!”, “Feed the birds in winter” and thematic sessions of “the Red book of Moscow”, “Birds of Moscow.”

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the Entry is saved, so to go on tour it will be possible in any other day. You can find her using hashtag #Prirodnie and #Virtualmachineerror.