a Unique discovery June 10, found utility workers digging a trench near the house of culture in the center of the Container. Work was immediately stopped. As to the case of connected archaeologists and investigative agencies.

– the skeletal remains of a man discovered at a depth of four meters. They were in an unusual coffin in the shape of a trunk of a single tree with a length of two meters, with a hollowed out cavity in it. Presumably, the burial may be at least 300 years. The external inspection of the damage on the bones was not revealed, – has informed the senior assistant administrator of SU of SK of Russia across the Omsk region Larissa Boldinova.

According to detectives, as the coffin discovered in the historical center of Container near the place where once stood a Church, it is assumed that the buried could be a Minister of the Church.

the Discovery has already sent to the Bureau it is judicial-medical examination of Omsk. Experts will try as much as possible to fully recreate the image of the ancient Siberian: age, gender, nationality, time of burial, the technology permitted.