In the off-festival program

the curators of the project – theatre critics Oksana Efremenko, Niyaz Iglamov and Oksana Kulaeva note that these performances at least not included in the main competition, but “capture important trends that have not yet become mainstream, but more and more asserting itself in the theatrical process.”

first and foremost, they pay attention to the “radio coup”, when “classical works become relevant statements about the present, and plays on topical issues sound like classic texts.” As a result, a modern play is increasingly coming to the big stage, and theatrical classics moves in the chamber hall. So, “the Inspector General” Andrei Sidelnikov and Chayka Peter Shereshevsky thanks to the original readings sound like a relevant statement about the present. And the play the winner of the “Golden Mask”, playwright Dmitry Danilov “the Man from Podolsk” acquires the features of a classic text, which is skillfully and freely drawn Nikita Grinshpun in “the Fifth theatre” (Omsk).

Also, the curators propose to reflect on the so-called feminist turn in the theater. The performance of “Locker Room Talk” of the Metropolitan Center. Sun. Meyerhold and “Topgirls” Social-Artistic theatre from St. Petersburg will be a great occasion to talk about the future of feminism and activist theatre in our country. The theme will continue Elizabeth Cooper, which is set in the Tver youth Theatre performance of “Tver-Tver”, dedicated to the city and its inhabitants.

Photo: Tatar state academic Opera and ballet theatre. Jalil finished In Kazan international Opera festival. Chaliapin

But perhaps the main theme will be the development of theatrical business in small and very small towns, where the population amounts to only some tens of thousands of people. Zritala waiting for performance “Frontovichka”, which takes you to the capital village of Big Etna, and “Fern” from Buinsk.

the program “the Mask Plus” also presents theater, which began its journey as a Studio or Amateur groups. So, the Perm theatre “New drama” Marina Oleneva will show “Flying swing”, which has already managed to collect the highest award of the regional festivals. And theatre “Masterskaya” Saint Petersburg will bring to Moscow their “Duck hunting”.

the Program “the Mask Plus”, which is supported by the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and the Department of culture of Moscow Government, is not just the performances, but also traditional discussions with spectators and a large, professional discussion, which this year will be devoted to the development of theaters in small and micro cities. This difficult conversation, according to the organizers, will bring together leaders of 29 theater companies from Almetyevsk, Achinsk, Big Atni, Buinsk, Glazov, Kudymkar, Lesosibirsk, Lysva, Minusinsk, Michurinsk, Motygino, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhny Tagil, Novokuybyshevsk, Novoshakhtinsk, the City Nyagan, Orsk, Prokopyevsk, Rybinsk, Sarov, Sarapul, Serov, Stary Oskol, Sovetsk, Containers and Sharipova.